Burchard Vossmann New exhibition Berlin



Following the sublime London show of work by Berlin based artists Burchard Vossmann, he now presents new work to Celebrate Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth's state visit to Berlin.
But I Love Her · 19th June.  - 24th June 2015
Vernissage/Opening Freitag 19th June 2015 - 19.00pm

In celebration of the state visit of Queen Elisabeth II to Germany, Zwitschermaschine presents old and new works from Berlin artist Burchard Vossmann in the exhibition "But I Love Her". Vossmann is recently returned  from his first solo exhibition in London, England and will show  his unmistakable "Shred-Art".

In a large wall installation he is working with the most reproduced artwork ever - the bust of Queen Elizabeth II made by Arnold Machin. Also, other works are made using the portrait of the Queen as depicted on  Royal Mail stamps. 

One might think Vossmann is perhaps a royalist, but he is, in fact, simply a friend of England and fascinated by British culture. On the 24th of June, at the the peak of the Queen's state visit, DJ Rank (ex Mutter and manager of the 5th Beatle Klaus Beyer) will present a  DJ-Set with 100 Beatles Cover versions to honour her majesty when we will sing: "You say hello and we say goodbye".

Zwitschermaschine · Potsdamer Str. 161 · 10783 Berlin
Tel. 030-5885 4365 · e-mail: info@kulturpark3000.de


19 Jun 2015 - 7:00am - 10:30pm